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    We offer various different holistic health and wellness services to support your recovery, personal growth and transformation. We meet our client's where they are, and provide personalized programs adapted to fit their unique self and situation. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and to live happier and healthier lives.






  • Services

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    Compassionate Coaching & Counselling

    • Addictions Counselling + Treatment Planning
    • Recovery Coaching 
    • Family, Couples & Group Coaching
    • Personal Growth/Transformational Coaching
    • Professional Coaching

    Do you need guidance to help launch you into the next phase of your life? Feeling lost or unsure of how to proceed? Are you feeling unsatisfied, limited, empty, or anxious?
    Are you attached to a habit, pattern or belief that causes you pain?
    Are you struggling with addiction or recurrent self-sabotaging patterns? Is your family member or loved one suffering from addiction or mental illness? Maybe you have been in recovery for some time and need to move through some blocks you are experiencing, or maybe the idea of recovery is new to you.


    Recovery and healing is possible from any problematic behaviour and is available to everyone. We believe there are many roads to personal growth and recovery- it's not one size fits all. We meet our client's where they are, and provide personalized programs adapted to fit their unique self and situation.


    As a certified PPCC, ACC, trauma-informed recovery + mental health coach and qualifying addictions counsellor, Kat works with clients and families all around the world to help them get in touch with themselves and rediscover their passion and purpose. Kat will help you determine what is holding you back from being the person you are meant to be and where your blocks are. Kat uses a compassionate approach and holistic method, looking at the entire person- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual integrate and offers a variety of healing and coaching tools.


    Whatever your situation, we can work on a plan of action, together. You don't have to do this alone.


    Sessions are done over Zoom, Telephone or Kat can fly out to meet you.





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    Family Services, Case Management, Companion Services

    Family Services + Case Management

    One on one assistance and support to clients and their families through various stages of recovery. Pre-treatment, aftercare planning and more.


    Recovery Companioning

    Helping you navigate early recovery by establishing a new routine and lifestyle.


    Events, functions, or other high risk situations are perfect times to consider companion services. Our team has experience taking part and supporting your loved one through an array of situations that could be hard for them to navigate on their own. Even when someone is doing great in their day to day routines, big events can cause bumps in the road and we are here to help mitigate those bumps.


    Some clients only need companionship during certain parts of their day. Whether they need support on the weekends or after work, we can be there to support. Other clients may need more than a few days of support, sometimes this looks like weeks and we are here to help. Our staff have been trained to help someone through a long period of time get into a daily routine that promotes a life of recovery. We know this doesn't happen overnight and we can be there to support for however long it takes with whatever the situation may be. Feel free to reach out to learn more and find the right fit for you.



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    Speaking, Workshops & Retreats

    • Speaker events customized for a variety of audiences. Lunch and learns on health and wellness, addiction, mental health and recovery solutions.


    • Personalized corporate, private and group wellness retreats and workshops, ideal for those looking for a multi or one-day experience in a unique location of their choice. They are wonderful opportunities to disconnect from your busy day to day life and offer a space to relax and recharge the body and mind.


    "Kat's retreat was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Everything about the retreat was epic from the amenities, location, activities and meals. Could not have asked for a better way to relax and reset. I felt at home." - M.P.


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    Providing subject matter expertise. Custom packages available based on needs.


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    Are you looking for guidance and mentorship? Reach out to learn more about the mentorship program.


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  • Testimonials

    My experience with Kat has been great. Kat helped me work through a lot of emotions and difficult personal and interpersonal challenges I was facing. Her manner is kind, soft and non imposing. The focus of sessions if truly on you and she allows time for self-reflection. Her method allows for a lot of self-reflection in a non judgmental way, giving you space to heal and take things at your own pace. Overall, the most I gained from my sessions with Kat was clarity. I often left feeling more grounded, self aware and with a direction to go in. - S. T. B.

    Kat was very professional and understanding. I felt I could talk to her without being judged. She offered insights wherever necessary and that made me think and open up more. I am extremely grateful for the 5 sessions we had and that she had a very positive impact on my life. In fact, I even wrote some inspiring words/take-aways after our sessions and hung them on my wall!

    - T. K.

    The time spent with Kat was well spent! She always encouraged me to find a solution that fit my life. She helped me to see other options to my challenge, and helped me to dig deeper in my own life, to find the root causes. If you're looking for help and solution, you can find it here! - S. W.

    Kat is very knowledgeable and patient and she helped me tremendously. She has an amazing memory and this allows for her to give insightful advice and direction over a long lasting relationship. She really took the time to get to know me to better help me. I would 100% recommend Kat to anyone looking for motivation, direction or just general everyday life help. - A. L .

    I had the opportunity to work with Kat as a client of her life coaching practice. During this period of time, I experienced a lot of personal growth, as a part of, and also outside of our relationship. Kat’s encouragement as well as the ability to check in with her, and to really discuss how far I had come was incredibly valuable. My experience with Kat was very positive, and I feel together we have laid out a path of continued growth for the future. I highly recommend working with her! - M. A.

    I was a client of Kat's during her life coaching practice. My experience was definitely positive, I can say that I felt comfortable with her since the first session. She helped me to look within myself to find the answers that I needed, she was never pushy, always kind and uplifting. I can tell that she truly cares about her clients. I strongly recommend her! - S. I.

    The time I spent working with Kat was the perfect blend between a therapist and a spiritual teacher which was exactly what I was looking for. I started off with specific goals in mind and as our time together unfolded it turned out to get to those specific goals I had to do a lot more inner work than I thought. Kat has a way of getting down deep to the root of the issue in a friendly kind loving manner. It was a beautiful experience to have someone hold space for me while I worked through many of my issues. Kat has helped me grown tremendously throughout our time working together. One of my goals was to be more aligned and balanced and she definitely delivered on that. Kat has a way of helping you figure out for yourself what the issues are which is a very refreshing and different approach that I am so happy I experienced. I am so happy and grateful that we worked together and am looking forward to working with her eventually again one day. - J. W.

    Kat came into my life/ recovery just at the right time. I had attempted recovery a few times before. I realized that I needed some coaching and connection to help me navigate this time around in my recovery. Because of Kat’s experiences in addiction and her expertise in her training with recovery, she was able to direct me in a healthy and holistic way. That direction has brought me in the best place of self awareness and care.

    My dedication to my sobriety is teamwork and Kat is part of that team.
    Forever grateful. - M.M.

    I did the Recovery At Home: 4 Week Group Coaching Series with Kat, which helped to ground me in my recovery during a difficult time. Kat was a great listener and guide. She managed the group well so each person had their individual needs met while we still benefited from the experience of others. I appreciated how Kat asked us the right questions to get to the root of the issue we wanted to address so we were clear on our intentions and goals. To top it all off, Kat shared meditation and breathing tools that we could use outside of our time together, which was a great addition to an already abundant experience. - J.M.

    I had a great time working with Kat. We started our sessions when I was new to sobriety and had lots of questions. She was very flexible, meeting me where I was at and she had lots of different strategies. I felt safe to open up to her about a variety of things, and she is honest without being judgemental. She remembers things that you tell her and makes you feel valued. I will be implementing the things I learned with Kat as I move forward in recovery.- Lucy

    Kat has been an integral part of my recovery journey. Her knowledge of recovery support resources is fantastic - she worked patiently with me until I found the communities and practices that would allow me to thrive. I feel prepared to continue down this road of cleaner living in no small part thanks to Kat and our work together - I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a holistic approach to wellness and recovery. -H.N. 

    Working with Kat was an incredible experience. In the short amount of time we spent talking to each other, I have found myself making decisions that I was reluctant to make for my well-being as well as a number of great tools to help me cope with my mental health. She's a great listener, and never offers any judgement. She's compassionate and is always here if you need anything. She does everything in her power to help you achieve your goals and really cares for her clients. I am incredibly grateful for the help she gave me and wouldn't hesitate going back to her if I ever needed it again. -C.D

    I highly recommend working with Kat. During a very difficult and uncertain time in my life, Kat was able to support me to identify where my intuition was leading me and help me identify concrete next steps to get out of a toxic situation. Her approach is kind and flexible and she is a very active listener. It was a pleasure working with her! - Anonymous

  • Meet Kat


    Kat is the founder of Kat Teller I Holistic Recovery Services, a highly sought after recovery & personal growth coach and companion, addiction-recovery advocate, mentor, yoga + meditation teacher and podcaster. Kat wholeheartedly believes that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, it is about giving you the right tools and a safe environment to do so. Her practice is versatile and unique, helping develop the perfect program for you and/or your family. Kat uses a variety of modalities and tools to help you on your journey so that you can recover, thrive and live a life of freedom, joy and fulfillment.

    Read her recovery story below.

    Anxiety crept into my life from as young as I can remember. Over the years, the anxiety and depression got worse and at the age of twelve I discovered alcohol, a love affair that lasted for nearly a decade. It didn’t take long for things to spiral out of control, especially when other drugs came into the picture. Substance abuse lead me down a very dark path of, shame, dishonesty, humiliation, guilt, rage and deep sadness. Countless mornings I woke to make earnest promises that I wouldn’t live in this pain anymore, but then the vicious cycle would start all over again. I became someone that I no longer recognized and someone that no longer wanted to live. This insanity lasted until 2012 when I finally hit my rock bottom and reached out for help. I started to rebuild a new way of living, slowly but surely, one day at a time.


    I got sober at the age of 22. That’s when I began the process of peeling back the layers of my being, digging deep and looking within. I gradually started to let go of all those old habits and patterns that were holding me back from living my fullest potential. Being sober and clear-headed offered me the opportunity to learn and receive spiritual practices, tools and guidance. I got in touch with my authentic self -the essence of me that was always there but was buried deep in pain, addiction and trauma. As I continued on my journey, I started doing yoga, practicing meditation and embarked on intense personal development work. I learned about the importance of self-care, boundaries and healthy relationships. As I recovered, I began to experience a sense of calm, inner peace and freedom, even when life got challenging. I gained purpose and direction.


    It was through my own personal journey of recovery that I discovered my unique abilities to relate to others and my passion to help others on their own recovery journey. This sparked my desire to work in the fields of addiction and health and wellness in various different capacities, obtaining yoga and meditation trainings along the way, and eventually going back to school at Concordia University to pursue a Personal and Professional Coaching Certification (PPCC). I have most recently completed my Intervention Training with Earl Hightower in 2019 and expanded my practice to work with families, including case management for the family and the identified client as well. I am currently completing my Addictions Counselling Diploma at McMaster's University.


    Today I am deeply passionate about sharing all of the knowledge and tools I’ve acquired throughout my own journey and to help others on their path of healing, recovery and growth. There is help, there is hope, and most importantly, you don't have to do this alone. It would be my honour to support you on your path.

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